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About Unscramble word and Scrabble finder tool

Here using this tool you can easily unscramble any word and find all the word combinations which can be formed out of them. You will also get to know the scrabble point it (The word) is worth. Just search any word and find all the meaningful words which can be formed of different letter length in one go.

About Scrabble

scrabble-word Almost one third of Americans have scrabble board in their home. That just shows the popularity of Scrabble game.Playing scrabble is a Good brain exercise and it can be a great word game to improve cognitive thinking. The Scrabble is played in almost 121 countries and more than 150 million scrabble sets have been sold so far. There are more than 4500 scrabble clubs spread around the world. That just shows the interest and popularity of scrabble word game round the globe.



Do you remember the simpler times when we used to skim through the pages of the Sunday newspaper until the delightful sight of 15*15 grid of squares appeared in front of us? Yes, we are talking about the nerd’s version of having fun – the Scrabble mania. Before strolling into the history of Scrabble, let us first explain to the smartphone generation what it actually is and why we are crazy about it.



Scrabble is a word game played between two to four players. Each player score points by making a word with the letters and placing them on a board consisting of a 15*15 grid of squares. Each letter has a decided number of points attached to it. After calculating the points of each letter of the word formed, the grid is checked for double/triple letter score or double/triple word score. After adding both the points, the final score of the word is attained. The words formed in the game should be acclaimed by the standard dictionary or lexicon.

People with little acquaintance with this game might find it boring or time-consuming. However, there are people who are completely hooked up to this game and call it their stress buster. Scrabble mania does not hit fast, rather, it moves slowly and steadily, captivates and completely engrosses your brain into its charm. And BAM, you become a scrabble addict. From the young generation to the oldies, from nerds to junkies, from developed to developing countries, this game blends perfectly with the diversity. This is the reason why 150 million sets approximately have been sold worldwide. Not only this, the game is available in 29-31 different languages and has its market in 121 countries. The US recognized scrabble as the second-best game in its history, next to Monopoly.



Alfred Mosher Butts, an American architect invented the word game with the name of Lexiko. Later in 1938, he updated Lexiko and formed a better version naming it as Criss-crossword. Both the versions consisted of the same set of letter tiles and points across letters. Butt designated the points to each letter by analyzing the frequency of different letter considering multiple sources like The New York Times. The difference between Lexiko and Criss-Crossword was that the latter version had a crossword-style and 15*15 gameboard.

James Brunot, another owner of the Criss-crossword bought the manufacturing rights in 1948 from Butt in exchange for a royalty on every unit sold. Brunot re-branded the board game and named it Scrabble. He simplified the rules and re-arranged the premium blocks of the board. The game didn’t receive recognition until 1952 when the president of Macy’s, Jack Straus, played it on vacation. He was amazed at knowing that the game wasn’t popular and added to Scrabble’s success journey by placing a big order.

Burnot could not meet the demand himself and therefore, sold the rights to Selchow and Righter, Long Island-based manufacturer. This manufacturer sold 4 million sets in the second year. In 1972, they bought the trademark for the game. Later in 1986, Coleco bought Selchow and Righter which soon degraded to bankruptcy. Coleco’s assets were purchased by Hasbro that included Scrabble also.



After acquiring the sufficient details about the Scrabble, let’s dwell deeper and understand the game details and know what different colored squares stand for and the points allocated to each letter. As explained earlier, the game is played on a square board by two to four players. The board has a grid of dimension 15*15 and each cell is called a square. Only one tile can be placed on each square. Below is the list of different squares present on the board and their purpose in the game. These squares are also called premium squares since they increase the number of points.  

  1.    Dark Red Square – These squares are 8 in number and are called triple word squares.
  2.    Pale Red Square – These squares are called double word squares and are 17 in number.
  3.    Center Square – This square is the start square and is marked with a star or some other symbol.
  4.    Dark Blue Square – These are called triple letter squares and are 12 in number.
  5.    Pale Blue Square – They are 24 in number and are called double letter squares.

Point Distribution

We are here considering an English language set and describing the points accordingly. However, the distribution differs as per the language is chosen. English set consists of 100 tiles. Apart from 2 blank tiles, there are 98 tiles with a letter and point assigned to them. The point value can be anything from 1 to 10. Point distribution is decided on the basis of the frequency of every letter in the English language. Here’s how –

  1.    Vowels – They have high usage frequency and therefore, each vowel equals 1 point in the game.
  2.    Low-frequency letters – Lower the frequency, higher the points.
  3.    Q and Z – Maximum points are given to Q and Z because of their very low frequency. These two letters are equivalent to 10 points individually.
  4.    Blank Tiles – They can be used as a substitute for any letter. However, there is no point for the blank tile.



Now that we are aware of the game details, let’s get enlightened by the rules of this game in order to play a fair game.

How to play

  1.    Both the players will be entitled to the same number of tiles.
  2.    Whoever starts first has to include the center square while forming the word and the word must contain at least 2 letters.
  3.    The game should carry on in a format where every new word formed must be in contact with at least one letter from the cluster of tiles already present on the board.
  4.    The players can only form words on either left to right or top to bottom fashion.
  5.    Blank tile can be used only once and can be played as a substitute for any letter. However, there are no points associated to this tile.
  6.    Words used in the game must belong to the acceptable word list otherwise, the word will not account for any points.

How scoring works

  1.    Each tile has a point associated to it ranging from 1 to 10. After the word is formed, these letter points are added.
  2.    The board contains different squares as described in the game details. Each premium square has a value. Double/Triple word square doubles/triples the total points that came after adding all the letter points. However, Double/triple letter square doubles/triples the point of the single letter placed on that square.
  3.    A single word can contain more than 1 double/triple word or letter square.
  4.    When the tiles to be drawn are over, total scores of the game are calculated for each individual and the winner is decided.

Which words are accepted

There are two accepted lists used in competitions held across the world. The words that are mentioned in these two lists come under the category of acceptable words.

  1.    OWL2 and OSPD5 – Four to five dictionaries were referred while compiling OWL2 and OSPD5. The difference between these two is – If a word is mentioned in any of the five dictionaries historically, it will be added to both the lists. However, the word will only be added to OWL2 if it has offensive meaning.


  1.    Collins Scrabble Words – It is also known as CSW15. It contains all the words of length 2 to 15 letters. This list includes all the words mentioned in OWL2 list and words from Chambers and Collins English dictionaries.



Scrabble might not be as famous as other indoor games like chess or badminton, however, there are many scrabble championships being played across the world. In tournaments, either the game is between two players or two teams of 2 members each. Below are some noteworthy scrabble championships –

  1.    World Scrabble Championship – Till 2013, it was held every odd year but now held annually.
  2.    National Scrabble Championship – This is held every year in the United Kingdom.
  3.    UK Open – It is Europe’s largest Scrabble tournament and is held annually.
  4.    Brand’s Crossword Game King’s Cup – Held in Thailand every year and is the world’s largest scrabble tournament.
  5.    North American Scrabble Championship – held in the United States of America every year.
  6.    World Youth Scrabble Championship – Country qualification is necessary for entry and is held annually post 2006. Only minors are allowed to participate.
  7.    Canadian Scrabble Championship – Entry by invitation to Canadian players only.
  8.    National School Scrabble Championship – Only North American school students can participate.
  9.    Singapore Open Scrabble Championship – Held annually post 1997, it’s an international Singapore championship.



The above details might have bored you a bit, how about a quick refreshing dose? Here are some interesting facts about scrabble that will make your eyes roll and will definitely leave you surprised!

  1.    What can be a better way of teaching English than by playing scrabble? Yes, you heard it right. Scrabble is used for teaching English all over the world.
  2.    To what extent can you go when your opposite player cheats in a game? I bet you cannot beat this 5-year-old boy in England who phoned the police because his sister was cheating in scrabble. And you thought you were a scrabble maniac?
  3.    Well, this fact is a bit upsetting. An elderly’s application was rejected by an old age home because she didn’t know how to play scrabble.
  4.    The first ever Scrabble World Championship was held in London in 1991 and had to be stopped because there were no Scrabble tiles present. Seriously? How could they miss arranging the tiles itself?
  5.    There exists a word named Oxyphenbutazone that can help you get 1782 points in Scrabble.
  6.    A scrabble version showcasing 24k gold plated tiles were produced by Franklin Mint in 1992. This version is sold out long back, however, copies of this gold version can be found on eBay.


With technological advancements over the years, carrying a game board in order to play scrabble has become some sort of bizarre idea. Instead, people are shifting towards handy solutions. There are many online crossword puzzles available where you can completely exercise your brain helping it rejuvenate. There is another software available called Word Maker that form new words by rearranging the letters of a single word. You’ll be amazed to witness the number of words that could be made just by rearranging the letters of a word. For instance, if you type ‘worth’ – word maker will show you all the possible outcomes from 5 letter words to 2 letter words with the number of points you can gain in scrabble with the respective word. Isn’t it amazing? This software helps you boost your vocabulary in order to excel in the word game and in your day to day communication too. So, before you challenge your competitor on the game night, brush up your vocabulary with a fresh intake of words using Word Maker. We bet that the last move will surely be yours.

The truth about Scrabble is, nobody can just have enough of it. The game of Scrabble is a win-win game for all the players whether they win or lose as both the sides boost up their vocabulary. What an amazing idea of having fun and learning too, do you agree?