Total Number of words Starting with PASS found =81

PASS comprises of 4 letters. Below are Total 81 words Starting with PASS (Prefix) found after searching through all the words in english. PASS is itself is a word in english. pass is made up of letters P, A, S and S. Where P is 16th , A is 1st and S is 19th Letter of Alphabet series
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16 letter Words starting with pass

1). Passionatenesses

14 letter Words starting with pass

1). Passementeries 2). Passionateness 3). Passionflowers

13 letter Words starting with pass

1). Passivenesses 2). Passementerie 3). Passionflower

12 letter Words starting with pass

1). Passacaglias 2). Passionately 3). Passivations 4). Passageworks

11 letter Words starting with pass

1). Passionless 2). Passivating 3). Passagework 4). Passageways 5). Passivation 6). Passiveness 7). Passacaglia 8). Passivities

10 letter Words starting with pass

1). Passerines 2). Passivists 3). Passageway 4). Passivated 5). Passivates 6). Passivisms 7). Passionate 8). Passengers

9 letter Words starting with pass

1). Passenger 2). Passional 3). Passivate 4). Passports 5). Passively 6). Passivism 7). Passivist 8). Passivity 9). Passovers 10). Passersby 11). Passadoes 12). Passbooks 13). Passbands 14). Passaging 15). Passerine 16). Passwords

8 letter Words starting with pass

1). Passaged 2). Passives 3). Passbook 4). Passably 5). Passband 6). Passades 7). Passages 8). Passions 9). Passport 10). Passkeys 11). Passible 12). Password 13). Passados 14). Passuses 15). Passerby 16). Passable 17). Passover 18). Passless 19). Passings

7 letter Words starting with pass

1). Passade 2). Passage 3). Passkey 4). Passado 5). Passive 6). Passers 7). Passant 8). Passing 9). Passion 10). Passels

6 letter Words starting with pass

1). Passus 2). Passer 3). Passel 4). Passee 5). Passed 6). Passim 7). Passes

5 letter Words starting with pass

1). Passe

4 letter Words starting with pass

1). Pass

Pass :- To go; to move; to proceed; to be moved or transferred from one point to another; to make a transit; -- usually with a following adverb or adverbal phrase defining the kind or manner of motion; as- to pass on- by- out- in- etc.; to pass swiftly- directly- smoothly- etc.; to pass to the rear- under the yoke- over the bridge- across the field- beyond the border- etc. To move or be transferred from one state or condition to another; to change possession- condition- or circumstances; to undergo transition; as- the business has passed into other hands. To move beyond the range of the senses or of knowledge; to pass away; hence- to disappear; to vanish; to depart; specifically- to depart from life; to die. To move or to come into being or under notice; to come and go in consciousness; hence- to take place; to occur; to happen; to come; to occur progressively or in succession; to be present transitorily.

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